Enjoy a Perfect Balance in Your Life Using the Best Apps for Working Parents

Being a working mom is a new norm in society. According to U.S research, there are 32% of women employed and two third of them are mothers with children under the age of 18. 

Today, the working mom struggle is a real issue, which grabs the attention of millions. Understanding the struggles of working mom life, the IT companies have launched a bunch of apps for working parents to make working moms’ lives a little easier. 

As a working mom, creating the right balance between home and work becomes tricky and exhausting. The digital apps provide easy access to track the activities of their children and discover amazing ways to make the parenthood journey easier. 

You will find many parenting apps on the web, which offer promising solutions to parents. However, download an application that ensures your safety as well as provides attractive features to you. 

So, here we have listed the best apps for working parents below that you can download instantly and enjoy the change. 

1. FamiSafe

Controlling kids’ screen time is one of the challenging tasks for working parents. Long screen time can affect your kid’s health and trigger anger and anxiety issues. Plus, the web also offers inappropriate content like porn and violent videos that are not good for kids to watch.
The FamiSafe is an amazing parental control app, which allows parents to restrict inappropriate content, and track screen time and web activities of their children. You can ensure the online safety of your children by using FamiSafe and setting a happy screen time for your kids.

Famisafe App

Top Features:

  • Free to download
  • Screen time control
  • Phone activity report
  • Content detection
  • Location tracker
  • Website filter
  • App/game blocker

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2. Parents

Being a parent is a responsible job. However, managing work pressure and household chores become tricky and exhausting for working moms. They can’t find the right way to balance their lives. If you are looking for some help to bring a healthy balance between your work and home, then it is a good learning app for you.

The Parents application allows working parents to join seminars and online programs to learn amazing parenting skills. It will help you in discovering the best ways to raise healthy kids along with a full-time job. So, you can deal with your parenting issues easily and create a strong bond with your kids.


Top Features:

  • Free download
  • Expert Guidance 
  • Exciting events
  • Online seminars
  • 100% data security 
  • Best parenting solutions 

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3. MamaZen

A working mom is responsible to play the best role at work and at home. Sometimes, the work pressure and house responsibilities trigger anger and stress in the lives of working moms, which can cause some serious parenting issues.

MamaZen is an award-winning and positive parenting app for working parents, which provides amazing solutions to deal with parenting issues and raise happy kids. The online sessions will charge you with a new positive energy that will keep you calm to deal with the parenting struggles. So, you can follow healthy parenting rules.

Top features:

  • Promote a calmer and happier home environment
  • Peaceful online sessions
  • Expert guidance and help
  • Effective and practical solutions
  • 7 minutes emergency sessions
  • Free to download and use
  • Data safety

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4. Mylo

Do you feel that you need an assistant, who can remind you of everything? Working moms often forget important tasks to do due to work pressure and busy routine. If you are also the one, then download the Mylo app on your smartphone today.

The application provides help from getting pregnant to raising a healthy kid. You can use the tool according to your needs. The app will give you a reminder about baby vaccine day, baby growth milestones, and baby food and diet plan. Plus, you can also discover relaxing baby sleep music and a baby growth calculator to track the growth and development of your little ones.

It will work as your assistance and allow you to remember everything. So, you don’t miss any big events in your life.

Top features:

  • Effective baby tool
  • Helpful community
  • Details of the best baby products
  • Baby names finder
  • Growth tracker
  • Baby food recipes
  • Home remedies
  • Expert Guidance

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5. Insight timer

Stress is a part of working moms’ lives. Sometimes, the pressure of work and home can make you crazy. It is important to keep your mind calm and happy to raise happy kids and resolve parenting issues wisely.

The insight timer is a must-have app that you have to download on your device today. The application allows users to perform meditation to reduce stress and anxiety. The meditation lessons will help you in accurately performing meditation with experts that will significantly reduce your stress level and keep you happy and active.

Top features:

  • 100000+ guided lessons
  • Short to long meditation lessons
  • Thousands of music tracks for better sleep
  • Customization
  • Discussion groups
  • A bunch of milestones
  • 100% free to access

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6. Family Wall

The family wall is also a fun app that will help you in managing happy family life while you are at work. The family wall app allows users to create a daily schedule, to-do list, work shifts, plans, appointments, and meal plans as well. All your family members can access the application and make the changes.

You can share a single application with your family, which will keep you updated about your child’s everyday schedule. Plus, you can also keep your children notified about your work routine and food plans. The app also allows users to share pictures. So, you can share cute photographs and have fun with your family. Isn’t it amazing?

Top Features:

  • Shared family calendar
  • Create a shopping list
  • To-do lists
  • Family Locator
  • Family group chat
  • Family Gallery
  • Free to use the basic subscription

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7. Life 360

Are you a working mom, who is always worried about her kids? Do you want to know when they have reached home from school and where they are going after school? If yes, then Life 360 is the right app for you to install on your and your kid’s smartphone.

The application allows users to track the real-time location and check out the nearby outlets through a map. So, you can easily check the location of your kid timely and check where they are. It will keep you updated about their location even when you are not at home and keep your mind relaxed.

Top features:

  • Real-time location detector
  • Free to download
  • Offers exclusive premium plans with additional benefits
  • Data safety
  • Provide timely alerts
  • Two days of location history
  • Free crash detection

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8. Polite

The smartphone connects people with the world. However, it is also the biggest distraction, which can keep you away from your family. This is why you have to maintain the right distance from your phone to focus on your work and family.

As a working mom, the polite app will help you in keeping your phone quiet at the right time. The application allows users to turn the silent mode on at the right times. You can create a calendar or easily enter the keywords like “meeting” or “at home”, which will activate the silent or vibration mode. So, you can simply skip an awkward situation and focus on your work and family without any distractions.

Top features:

  • Schedule to automatically switch to vibrate mode
  • Create a calendar for events
  • Easy to download
  • Free to use
  • Easy to turn the silent mode on using keywords
  • Data safety

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Conclusion: Using the best apps for working parents makes it easy to create a healthy balance between work and home. Download the right app, which you need the most in your life, and keep close eyes on your children while you are not at home. So, you can keep your kids safe, happy, and healthy.