Top 10 Daily Cleaning Routine Tips for Busy Working Moms

A clean and tidy house is one of the basic needs of everyone’s house. Cleanliness in a home not only creates a welcoming environment for the guests but also maintains good hygiene levels and keeps unwanted diseases away.

Cleaning is one of the basic household chores. However, the task of cleaning becomes tricky and tiring for a working mom. It becomes hard to follow scheduled cleaning routines for working moms to keep a home clean and tidy all the time.

Taking care of a baby, family and work keeps a working mom busy from morning to night, which makes it hard to follow a religious house cleaning routine. Some new working moms accept the fact openly that they even don’t get time to vacuum the floor and wash the dishes regularly.

Compromising your house cleaning routine will not only make the condition of your home worse, but it will also invite a wanted mess into your home. It is understandable that as a working mom you can’t follow a religious cleaning routine. However, you can pick some easy cleaning routines to keep your home clean and shiny.

In this blog, we have discussed the top 10 daily cleaning routines for working moms that will make your life a little easy and change your cleaning game completely.

1. Say a big “NO” to weekly cleaning

Working moms often follow a weekly cleaning routine to keep the house clean and tidy. They leave all the cleaning tasks for weekends, which makes home cleaning a stressful and tiring task for them.

When you leave every cleaning task to weekends, then you don’t get any free time for yourself, which can make you feel tired and exhausted for the next whole week. This is why you have to say a big “NO” to weekly cleaning and switch to a smart solution. So, you can enjoy your weekends freely and get refreshed for a new week of work.

2. Divide the cleaning schedule into morning and night

This is one of the effective cleaning routines for working moms. You can divide the cleaning tasks into morning and evening. You can clean your kitchen and wash the dishes and utensils and get your living room clean and tidy in the morning time.

You can prepare your bed and clean the kid’s room in the evening and prepare for a new day in the nighttime. You can also mop floors at the night. Following this schedule will allow you to manage the cleaning tasks easier and save you time.

3. Switch to smart cleaning gadgets

You are living in the 21st century, the era of technology. Advanced gadgets can make home cleaning fun for you. It is good to invest in high-quality home cleaning tools like power scrubber, mini vacuum cleaner, spin mop, and electric broom as well.

All these smart tools will help you in completing house cleaning tasks in minutes and save you time. Plus, it will also give you shiny results, which will improve the elegance of your home. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Follow a weekly 1-hour cleaning routine

If you are a working mom, then the 1-hour cleaning rule will work like a magic for you. Some women can’t get enough time to clean every area of a home. So, you can take 1 hour from your day to clean a spot in your home.

You can pick an area or cleaning task like dusting, mopping, or scrubbing according to your comfort. Giving 1 hour to your home religiously will help you in keeping your house clean and shiny. Plus, it will also remove the burden of cleaning your shoulder. You will see amazing results in days.

5. Set easy cleaning targets for you

One of the biggest mistakes that every working mom commits when it comes to home cleaning is that they set higher goals for themselves. It consumes a lot of time and energy to achieve the biggest goals. Plus, you may get disappointed if you can’t meet your goals as per your expectations.

Instead of setting higher goals, you can set some easy cleaning targets for yourself. Achieving small targets is easier. It will keep you motivated and encourage you to achieve more targets in a day. Plus, you will feel less tired and exhausted by following this trick.

6. Do basic cleaning in your house daily

Yes, basic home cleaning is essential. Stop giving an excuse to yourself that you are a working mom and you can’t perform daily cleaning in your home. Basic cleaning like making a bed, washing dishes, and dusting is important to keep your house clean and germ-free.

All these basic tasks take a few minutes. So, instead of grabbing your phone, try to finish the cleaning tasks first. It will reduce the burden of the weekend cleaning and allow you to live a better and more managed life.

7. Avoid hiding the mess

Yes, this is one of the secrets of every working mom. They hide the mess in store rooms and cupboards to make a room look tidy and clean. Hiding the mess is an easy thing to do to avoid the mess for a time. However, it can increase the pressure on your mind.

Instead of hiding your mess in different corners, try to clean it regularly. Some working moms have messy cupboards and they can’t find anything to wear at work, which consumes at least 20 minutes of morning time.

Instead, you can keep everything organized to save your morning hassle and enjoy a healthy routine.

8. Multitasking is worth

Multitasking is a life-saver for a working mom. As a working woman, you get more morning tasks including getting your kids ready for school, packing lunch boxes for everyone, and leaving a tidy and clean home behind. So, you can follow the rule of multitasking to save some time and complete all the tasks successfully.

While you are preparing food in the oven, you can wash the dishes and cut the fruits for the lunch box. Plus, you can do the dusting while mop the floor of the living room. These small steps will save you a lot of time.

9. You can hire a house help

Household help is also a good option for a working mom. If you are earning well and you can afford house help, then it will help you in keeping your home clean and tidy in an easy way.

If you failed to meet your cleaning targets and you are losing control of your house, then it is the right time to get some professional help. Professional cleaners can help you in getting a shiny house in no time. It will instantly change your life and make you feel relaxed.

10. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Working moms are always in hurry, especially in the morning time. So, it is completely ok to ask for help from your partner and capable children. The household chores are everyone’s responsibility.

Asking for help from your family members will not only allow you to complete the tasks at the right time, but it will also allow you to get some time from your busy schedule to bond with your loved ones. It will keep your family together in the morning time and create a happy and healthy environment.


The cleaning routines for working moms can be fun by following some easy and outstanding tricks. Following creative tricks will make your morning happy and stress-free as well as keep your home shiny. So, let’s forget the stress of house cleaning and implement a few changes in your routine and keep your home tidy and clean all the time.