11 Working Mom Struggles: Here’s How to beat them and Celebrate Motherhood

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life. It gives them a new identity with lots of joy and happiness. However, being a mommy is never an easy experience for any woman. The working mom’s struggles are a nightmare for every new mommy that you can only imagine. 

The responsibilities increase on two fronts for a working mommy as they have to give extra care and attention to newborns, manage the household chores and perform well at the work front to keep the career alive. Managing a home with a little one and office invite struggles in the life of new mommies that ruin the fun of motherhood. 

The surprising fact is that everyone talks about the good parts of being a mother and portrays the journey as a beautiful ride. Society criticizes the women, who complain about the journey and struggles and push them to set a good example. 

However, in reality, a woman has to go through a lot of things from the beginning on a physical and mental level, which is needed to talk. 

Today, we are discussing the working mom struggles in this blog and how you can overcome them to enjoy your motherhood journey. 

Problem #1: Loss of new career opportunities

This is one of the common working mom struggles that a working mom faces at the work front. The companies avoid promoting women, who are pregnant or new mommies as they don’t find them productive and active as compared to other employees.

It can take the best opportunities out of your hands and put a pause on your career, which can disturb you. According to research, it is proven that childless women get 8.2 times more promotion opportunities than mothers. 

Solution: Build new skills

This is a global issue, which requires huge attention to change the working environment. However, you can implement a few changes in your working life to deal with it and live a healthy working life. 

Despite being a mother, keep working on your skills and looking for job opportunities, which give your flexibility and the right pay for your skills. A flexible job will help you in creating the right balance in your life, which will allow you to perform the best on both fronts. 

Problem #2: “I am a terrible mother”

Society always makes working women feel terrible as they don’t give enough time to their children. A lot of working moms feel regret and consider themselves bad mothers to their children. Sometimes, they sacrifice their career to provide a better upbringing to the children to cope with the guilt. 

Solution: Believe in yourself

You don’t have to give up on your career to be a good mother. It is normal to feel regretful and consider yourself a bad mother. However, you stop listening to the annoying advice and opinions and give the best care to your child. It is important to keep your child happy and healthy more than fitting into the norms of a good mother. 

Problem #3: An incomplete to-do list

Mommies are always in a hurry to finish a “to-do list”, but they always end up with an unfinished one. Being a working mother, it becomes hard to manage household chores, baby care, and professional work, which can make you feel exhausted all the time.  

Solution: Get some help

Instead of pushing yourself to finish the “to-do list” you can ask for help from your family members and partner. A little help in household chores and baby care can reduce your burden and make you feel relaxed. It will allow you to perform better in your job and feel happy and light. 

Problem #4: Stress and anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and depression are common in new mommies. The risk of stress and depression is higher in working mommies as they deal with a lot of pressure and new responsibilities. It can affect your mental and physical health. 

Solution: Do some yoga and meditation

It is always good to get medical consultations in such cases. Therapy can help you in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression and maintain good mental health. However, you can add yoga and meditation to your routine life to maintain good health. 

You can easily join yoga apps online like Toning It Up, Map My Run and Strava to start an energetic routine. 

Problem #5: Low sex drive and struggling romantic relationship

The new mommies always feel tired and exhausted and the situation gets worse when you have to finish the office work along with household chores and baby care. It can make you feel less interested in sexual activities, which can disappoint your partner and affect your romantic relationship. Sometimes, these issues become the reason for distance in relationships.  

Solution: Work on your relationships

Instead of giving false excuses to your partners and pushing yourself, you talk about how you feel about sex after delivering a baby. Sharing your emotions with your partner will help them in understanding your situation. Plus, you both can find a solution to deal with it. 

Moreover, you can also start doing new activities together like watching a movie or playing a board game. It will make your bond stronger and improve your relationship. 

Problem #6: No social life and fun

Being a mommy is a full-time job. You have to give up on your late-night parties and night-outs to take care of your child. It makes women feel like they don’t have a social life and there is no fun left in their life after giving birth to a child. It makes them depressed and unhappy. 

Solution: Find out new ways of fun

Yes, it is true. You can’t enjoy the activities like boozing and partying that you loved before. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no fun left in your life. You have just crossed a phase and entered a new one, where you have to be more responsible towards life. 

Instead of feeling depressed, you can find out new ways to have fun. You can invite your friends with their kids to your home and enjoy a dinner party. Plus, you can also plan a picnic and outing with other mommies and learn from their experiences. Isn’t it a new kind of fun?


Being a working mommy can set your life upside down for a while. The working mom’s struggles are real and you have to learn effective ways to deal with them to enjoy your motherhood. Let’s get a positive perspective on your problem to make your situation a little better and enjoy the little things in your life.