10 Best Apps for New Moms that Will Make Parenting Easy

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had” – Linda Wooten

Motherhood is a beautiful journey for every woman. Being a mother is like experiencing a whole new world. The journey involves stress, fear, anxiety, and tons of ups and downs.

The first-time mommies are not only extra protective and concerned about their child, but they also experience new challenges every day with baby care. They go through unspeakable stress and anxiety to raise a happy and healthy kid.

Back in the days, new mothers don’t have many resources that can make their motherhood journey easy. They have to rely on the elderly and relatives for any kind of help and guidance.
Today, thanks to digitalization, things are completely changed for new mommies. Now, they don’t have to rely on the advice that they receive from relatives, friends, and the elderly.

There are many apps available on the app stores, which allow new mothers to learn something new every day. Using digital apps will not only allow you to do the right thing, but it will also bring a huge difference in the growth and development of your little ones.

So, here we have mentioned the top 10 best apps for new moms that will make parenting easy.

1) Pregnancy app and baby tracker:

Carrying a life in the womb is a life-changing experience for every woman. Every exciting mother likes to track the growth of the baby every second. Yes, it is impossible to visit your gynecologist every single day, but you can use this amazing app to see the everyday results.

Pregnancy app and baby tracker

The pregnancy app and baby tracker will guide you throughout the pregnancy. You will find a baby calendar that will show the growth and development of the baby.

Plus, here you will also get articles written by experts that will help you to make the pregnancy phase easier.

2) Baby+:

Baby+ app for new moms

If you have recently welcomed your baby, then you have to get this app on your smartphone. Tons of questions are always running in the minds of new moms related to baby care.

The Baby+ app will not only help you in tracking the everyday growth of your infant, but it will also allow you to get breastfeeding guides and expert advice to make your experience easy.

Here you will find some tracking tools including a growth tracker, feeding tracker, weight tracker, sleep tracker, and nappy tracker as well. All these trackers will make motherhood fun for you.

3) Glow:

It is exhausting to keep track of little activities like breastfeeding, diaper changing, and the sleep schedule of a baby. A baby’s routine is always unpredictable, but you can manage it a little with the Glow baby tracker application.

Glow app for new moms

That application will keep track of the baby’s activities like sleep schedule and breastfeeding time and give you reminders. So, you take the load off your head and have a relaxing app as the app is here to keep you notified.

4) Dreamchild parenting:

Dreamchild parenting

Dreamchild parenting is one of the best apps for new moms that you can download to your smartphone. This app offers 150+ free activities for children. You can use this application for 0 to 12 years children.

Here you will find different activities that will bring a drastic change in the growth and development of your kid. Practicing the activities with your children will promote healthy growth and allow your kid to achieve the growth milestone at the right time.

5) Momspresso:


Every parent desires to provide the best of everything to their kids. However, we are humans and we make mistakes. Momspresso is the platform where you can learn some amazing tricks of pregnancy.

Here you will find amazing video content on topics including pregnancy, baby care, and baby health. You will get the right answer to all your parenting questions which will make your job a little bit easier.

6) TheAsianparent:

Theasianparent apps for new moms

Theasianparent is also a good application that will provide you guidance from the first trimester of your pregnancy to baby care. You can start using this app from the beginning of your pregnancy to make the journey easy and healthy for you and your baby.

Plus, you can also continue using the app after giving birth to your child. It will help you in dealing with the challenges of baby care by providing expert guidance.

7) BabyG:

BabyG app for new moms

Every mother wants to make their child a genius. If you want to make your kid extraordinary, then you have to start early. The babyG offers 1000+ activities to boost early development in your child.

You can practice some fun activities with your kid to hit the growth milestone early. Here you will also find nutritious recipes, bedtime stories, and parenting articles on this app.

Plus, it will provide you with a monthly report on your kid’s activities to guide you in the right direction.

8) iMumz:

This application is trusted by 600000+ mothers. This application will make your journey easier from pregnancy to a new mommy. It offers 15 minutes every day program that guides a mother on what to do and how to do it.

iMumz app for new moms

The program includes healthcare tips, yoga sessions, meditation programs, inspiring stories, and weekly webinars. It will keep track of your health as well as proving some easy parenting notes.

9) The wonder weeks:

This is a popular, paid and best app for new moms that you can purchase from an app store. This application helps new moms to understand the different emotions and actions of their babies in different scenarios.

best app for new moms

It will explain the reasons behind every response of your baby. So, you can deal with such actions easily and grow a healthy kid. You don’t have to get angry and ask yourself what is going wrong whenever your kid starts crying suddenly and gets clingy. Now, you can find all your questions on this app and enjoy easy motherhood.

10) Mom.life:

Do you sometimes feel that you need to talk? Being a new mom is not an easy experience and you may experience all the emotions like happiness, fear, anxiety, depression and guilt at the same time.

mom.life best app for new moms

The therapy is not mandatory in every case as every woman goes through mood swings and stress. Mom.life application will allow you to get connected with more new moms like you.

Here you can share your experience and talk on different topics that will cheer you up and allow you to learn some amazing things from the experiences of other new moms.