Top 7 Best Educational Apps for Kids for a Bright Future

The fast-paced technology makes the kids adaptable to new technological innovations. Now, you can easily spot a kid with a tablet and smartphone even at an earlier age.

Screen time is a predictable thing. Toddlers and adults spend most of the hours of a day using gadgets. So, it is understandable why parents despise the idea of screen time.

Every parent desires the best of everything for their kids. They wish to make their kid a little more productive, active, and genius. Yes, too much screen time can cause some negative effects on the development and growth of your children.

However, the good news is that now you can put screen time to good use with the help of educational apps. With the booming trend of online learning, there is a wide of options for the best educational apps for kids that you can find and use for free.

Online educational apps promote personalized learning, which will allow you to conquer your kid’s weaknesses and promote a healthy learning environment. The graphic videos and fun activities make learning super easy and fun for the kids instead of traditional book learning.

Here we have listed the top 7 educational apps for kids that you can download and use safely.

1) Epic: Kids books & reading:

Reading is one of the good habits that you can develop in your kid with this application. The epic educational app offers e-books, stories, and videos for children. The app offers different reading levels, which help the kid to read on their own.

best educational apps for kids

The daily challenges and exciting reading activities will keep your kid motivated and they can access a library of 40000+ books.

Top features:

  • Access to a growing library of 40000+ books
  • Audiobooks, read-to-me books, and ultimate reading activities
  • Books available in different languages
  • 24X7 online and offline access
  • Track weekly progress and share performance chart
  • Provide badges and rewards for motivation

2) Nursery LKG UKG learning app:

If you are preparing your kid for pre-school, then this is the best educational app for kid. The app combines the nursery app, LKG app, and UKG app, which will allow you to access good content easily. The app will help your kid to learn numbers, colors, alphabets, shapes, and practice worksheets.

 Nursery LKG UKG learning app

Plus, you can also find rhymes and coloring activities, which will keep your kid occupied.

Top features:

  • A colorful learning application for early learners
  • Concepts explained with engaging graphics
  • Include classroom syllabus
  • Offer rhymes, stories, and coloring activities
  • Include engaging educational videos
  • Easy progress tracking

3) The playbook: Create and Learn:

The playbook is one of the best educational apps for kids that you can download to promote a healthy learning environment at home. The app allows users to create quizzes, games, and puzzles to revise school lessons. They can also create a small presentation by using easy tools.

The playbook: Create and Learn

The app also offers inspirational stories and life lessons, which will contribute to building the strong personality of your kid.

Top features:

  • 1000+ inspirational stories for students
  • Age-appropriate content
  • Provide tools for creating games, puzzles, and quizzes
  • Offer writing activities to kids
  • Provide online practice tests
  • Offer rewards for good performance
  • Share interesting facts and discoveries every day

4) Brain Gym Jr.:

The Brain Gym Jr. is a good educational app for kids between 5-11 years. The application provides daily activities for problem-solving methods. Practicing daily exercises for 10-15 minutes will help your kids in learning new and practice new methods with instant results.

 Brain Gym Jr


The app offers exercises for math, English, and real-world skills in an engaging gaming format. You can also customize the activities according to your interest and learn with play.

Top features:

  • 12000+ exercises available
  • Every day new challenges
  • Instant results for online challenges and activities
  • Customized games and exercises
  • Engaging graphics and content
  • 1-15 difficulty levels for each subject
  • Solve every day and win exciting rewards

5) ABC Mouse:

This education app is a complete learning program for 2-8 years kids. The application covers different areas including reading, math, art, music, and more for kids. You can easily access 10000+ exciting learning activities for your kids for different academic levels.

ABC Mouse app

It is a good app for early learners and pre-school kids as it will help them in learning concepts in a fun way.

Top features:

  • Curriculum-based learning designed by experts
  • Covers different subjects for 2-8 years kids
  • Availability of thousands of books, videos, puzzles, and gaming activities
  • Step-by-step learning for kids
  • Easy tracking of progress
  • Reward programs for kids’ motivation
  • Good for early learners
  • 100% safe and kids-friendly

6) Prodigy Math: Kids Game:

Prodigy math is an amazing educational app for kids, which allow them to learn math interestingly. It offers a math adventure to the kids, where they can join epic battles and quests to win amazing rewards.

Prodigy Math: Kids Game
The gaming format promotes kids to practice new concepts and develop problem-solving skills. The game also has different difficulty levels, which will improve your kid’s performance with every new challenge.

Top features:

  • Engaging gaming formats for math exercises
  • Designed by expert teachers
  • Kid’s friendly application
  • Daily new challenges and missions
  • Exciting graphics
  • Rewards and gifts to keep kids motivated

7) Read Along:

Read along is a good reading app. This educational app promotes the habit of reading in kids. The application is designed for children aged 5 and more. The app offers unique stories in different languages. It promotes kids to read aloud to collect exciting rewards and gifts.

educational app for kids

The kid will get instant feedback on their reading skills that will keep them motivated and help them out as well. So, you can download this app for free and promote reading habits easily.

Top features:

  • The application can work online and offline
  • The app is completely free and you can access a huge library
  • It provides in-app reading assistance to help children
  • You can customize the app according to your kid’s needs
  • Available in different regional languages
  • 100% safe for kids
  • Track progress and growth
  • Daily new reading challenges for kids


Download the best educational app for your kid that matches their interests and promote a good learning environment at your home. Find out the interest and skills of your kids to guide them in the right direction with the help of the right educational app and get ready to see the amazing outcomes.


10 Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers that Will Make Learning Fun

Do you want to make screen time productive for your kids? Every kid loves to spend time on smartphones watching fun videos and cartoons. You can’t stop your kids from getting involved with smart devices all the time, but you can turn them into a good source of learning.

Learning is an important activity that not only increases the knowledge and intelligence of your kid but also helps in the healthy development of the brain. At the early age of 3-5, a child has the maximum potential to learn new things easily.

So, you can utilize this period to make your kid a little extraordinary and brilliant. Online learning apps for toddlers are one of the easiest ways to teach something valuable to your kid.

There are some free learning apps for toddlers available on different app stores that you can download and unlock healthy fun for your kid.

Here we have mentioned a list of the top 11 free learning apps for toddlers below that will make learning fun.

1) Baby Games: 2-4 years old kids:

Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

This is one of the amazing learning apps for toddlers. This app includes 15 different baby games, which will improve the knowledge and skills of your kid. It will help your toddler to identify colors, shapes, and animals.

This game will keep your kid occupied for a good time and different game challenges will improve the learning for your kid. You can download this app for free and enjoy amazing perks.

2) ABC Kids: Tracing & Phonics:

Teaching the alphabet and phonics to toddlers is a real challenge for a mommy. However, you can make learning fun for your kid with ABC kids. It is a learning app for toddlers that will help your kid to identify the alphabet through different fun games.

ABC Kids: Tracing & Phonics

It will not only help them in identifying the alphabet, but it also introduces tracing games, where the kid has to trace uppercase and lowercase letters, letter matching, and phonics pairing as well.

You can unlock educational fun for free with this app.

3) Kids Preschool Learning Games:

Kids Preschool Learning Games

This is a complete preschool learning app that will help your kids in learning the basics of ABCs, numbers, spelling, colors, shapes, vehicles, days and months, body parts, musical instruments, animals, good habits, nursery rhymes, and puzzles.

This application offers 150+ toddler education games, which will keep your kids occupied and allow them to learn amazing things through gaming. Isn’t it amazing that you can unlock 150+ learning games for your kid for free?

4) TinyTap: Kid’s Learning Games:

TinyTap - free learning apps for toddlers

If you want to turn your kid into an independent learner and make the screen time more productive, then you should download this application on your smartphone today. This is an amazing learning app that is offering 200000 education games by teachers.

This app encourages kids to learn something new every day with a new game. You can personalize the lessons according to your kid’s needs and get better outcomes.

5) Kutuki: Kids Games & Learning:

You can cut the junk screen time with the Kutuki app. This app allows kids to learn new things through games, stories, and rhymes. In this app, you will find different games, stories, songs, and rhymes, which is one of the innovative ways of learning.

Kutuki: Kids Games & Learning

Plus, you can choose a comfortable language for your kid for better learning. This application offers 5+ languages that you can select according to your convenience and have fun.

This app will allow your kid to learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors as well as Indian festivals and culture too. Plus, it will also help in developing healthy habits in your kid.

6) HOMER Learn & Grow:

This is a complete education app for 2-8 years old kids. The learning program helps develop skills and intelligence for school and day-to-day life. Using this application, you can not only develop general intelligence in your kid, but it also helps them in improving their level of intelligence with every new activity.

HOMER Learn & Grow

The personalized interactive lessons, appealing graphics, and stories will increase your knowledge of your kid in different areas including math, reading, creativity, thinking, and emotional learning.

7) Math Kids: Math Games for Kids

Math Kids: Math Games for Kids

Math is one of the scary subjects for kids. If you want to make learning math easier for your kids, then download Math Kids today. It is an amazing learning application that allows children to learn basic math fundamentals through interesting fun games and activities.

Your kid will learn counting, addition, and subtraction through multiple quizzes. You can start with easy levels to build interest and the difficulty level will be increased with every new level.

8) Colors for Kids:

Colors for Kids

This learning app is suitable for kids 2-5 years old. The main purpose of this learning program is to introduce colors in many languages. With the names of the basic colors, this application will help your kid in discovering and learning new colors and how to pronounce them correctly.

It will simply improve the vocabulary of your kid and the unique activities will improve the memory and motor skills of your little ones effectively. So, let’s download this app on your smartphone today for free.

9) Kiddopia:

Kiddopia : free learning app for kids

Teach your kid ABCs, colors, math, spelling, and shapes excitingly with Kiddopia. This learning app is available for 2-5 years old kids and covers everything that your kid needs to learn at this age.

The fun games will make learning easier for your kids and keep them occupied for long hours. In this app, you will find interesting games like memory games, puzzles, spot differences, joining the dots, and shape-matching puzzles.
Plus, this app also has won some rewards that make it trustworthy for every new user.

10) Bebi Toddlers: Learning Games

This is also one of the amazing learning apps to teach your kid alphabets, numbers, colors, and shapes through fun games. You will find different games and activities that will allow your kid to discover new colors, shapes, and numbers every day.

Bebi Toddlers: Learning Games

This app not only offers interesting activities for free but also provides parental control. So, you can control the digital activities of your kids and make their digital interaction safe.


These top 10 learning apps for toddlers will make the screen time of your kids fruitful in their overall growth and development and make learning fun.