7 Best Math Apps (Android/iOS) That Can Make Learning Fun for Kids

Math subject has, for the longest time, been deemed dull and less intriguing to learn. This is where math apps for kids come into the equation and the negative perception about the math subject disappears. Apps have made many things more accessible, and learning math is one of them. 

Parents no longer have to sweat out finding ways to make math appealing to their kids. Not only do math apps make the subject seem fun, but they are also more straightforward. 

The apps help kids to grow a positive mindset about the subject as they grow and advance to higher education institutions. 

Most apps are free; some have paid plans to access advanced and unlimited features. Additionally, several apps are available for Android and iOS devices, while some only operate on a single operating system. 

Parents can easily find suitable apps for kids at any age. However, not all apps pass the reliability test. You should not engage apps that do not align with the current curriculum nor are not endorsed by the education system. Other vital elements you should focus on when searching for suitable math apps for kids include the following:

  • Age appropriateness
  • User-friendliness
  • Performance progress
  • Cost
  • Creativity and engagement

Attention to the above characteristics will enable you to download a reliable and beneficial math app.

7 Best Math Apps for Kids

To get started, here is a list of math apps that have gained the trust of many parents and guardians to make learning the subject easy and fun for their children.

1. Math Kids: Math Games for Kids

Math Games caters to kids of up to 12 years and is a visually appealing app for preschoolers. The app uses words, sound, art, and animations to create fun and engaging math puzzles and quizzes for learning kids. Math Games cover primary areas of the subject, such as adding, subtracting, counting, and comparing items. 

Kids can enjoy earning stickers for completed math games. Some of the app’s math activities involve dragging and dropping numbers, providing an exciting learning approach. The easy-to-navigate app enables parents and guardians to test their children’s learned skills and monitor their overall learning progress. Math Games is available on Google’s Play Store for android users. 

2. Kids Multiplication Math Games

Math Games


This math app is an ideal resource for teaching multiplication to kids as young as preschoolers to the 3rd grade. The app uses flashcards and mini-games to engage kids in multiplication activities in a fun and colourful way. 

Its memory puzzles and drag-and-drop games evoke learning interest in kids, building knowledge and interest in multiplication at an early age. Older kids can also benefit from the app’s Chinese stick multiplication method that uses sticks to count. 

Another feature of the free and easy-to-use app includes the flower timetable that uses a floral arrangement showcasing multiplied numbers. Adults can get this app from the Play Store for their android gadgets. 

3. MentalUP Educational Games

With a combined 10+ million users on both Android and iOS platforms, MentalUP is a one-stop educational app for kids of all ages. The app has designated a section for math games and activities for preschoolers up to 8th-grade kids. The teaser games can help your child to build and improve their arithmetic skills. 

You can use this app to introduce your young ones who are yet to join the school to the subject so they can grow up knowing how to solve math problems. The math content in the app contains several games; shapes, counting, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and place value games. 

The app’s covered topics are teacher-approved, so there is no need to worry about its credibility. MentalUP has a 7-day trial period and three subscription plans; $19.99 for three months, $29.99 for six months, and $35.99 for a year.

4. 123 Numbers – Count & Tracing

Number Games


Get this free app for your two years or older toddler as a learning tool to help them learn basic counting while having fun. 123 Numbers enables adults to customize games according to their kids’ learning abilities. 

Among the learning capabilities kids can benefit from this app include tracing numbers and shapes on the screen of their devices, matching numbers, counting objects, and filling in blank spots. The graphics, colourful appeal, and sound effects make this app fun and encourage kids to learn more. 

More importantly, kids look forward to completing many games to collect more prizes and stickers. Adults can guide their kids through the app without worrying about annoying popping ads.

5. Prodigy Math: Kids Game

Prodigy Math is a highly regarded math app for teachers and parents to help learners between Grades 1 and 8 navigate the math subject in different aspects. The app boasts around 50 million users enjoying its exciting math approach. 

Prodigy Math has content tailored to meet each kid’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to learn quickly and grow a solid foundation in math. Parents and teachers can easily monitor learners’ advancement using the app’s designated dashboard. The adventurous app allows kids to go on quests and get rewarded for winning battles. 

Parents can download the app on android or iOS devices for free, with an option of upgrading to premium membership with advanced features. 

6. Math Exercises – Brain Riddles

Brain Riddles


Finally, an app helps kids and adults simultaneously improve their math skills. Math Exercises has content for kids and adults, so you may also find it intriguing to use. The riddles are beneficial in helping users expand their thinking to find answers. 

Your kids can see the puzzles and mini-games entertaining and, in the process, strengthen their memorability. The game is also accessible offline after installation, enabling you to engage without an internet connection. Math Exercises is a subscription-based android app.

7. Math Riddles and Puzzles Mat

Another app that helps users and learners to handle math games creatively. Adults can find suitable math riddles for their kids and complex puzzles for themselves. The app is free and uses ads to provide hints to quizzes. Some kid-designed math operations involve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Fun Math Apps for Kids: Final Thoughts

Apps are affordable for those with a tight budget since you only need a stable internet connection and a functional device to download them. Avoid the burden of buying costly textbooks and say goodbye to boring math by making your kids look forward to engaging in the subject through trustworthy applications. 

Find an app that suits your kid’s learning style and boosts performance in their education journey. Remember to use free trials for premium apps to gauge their usefulness before committing to them. The apps will empower them and create a strong career foundation as they climb their education ladder.