10 Amazing Tips to Become a Better Mom

“The bond between a mother and her child is the only real and purest bond in the world, the only true love we can ever find in our lifetime.” – Ama H. Vanniarachchy

Every mother desires to give the best of everything to a child to make their childhood the happiest memories of their life. They go through new challenges daily and learn from them to play the role of a perfect mother. 

Every mother wonders “how to be a better mom”? They collect information from every possible source including the internet, specialists, relatives and the elderly to ensure that they are providing the right care and attention to the child. Some mothers spend hours on research even before preparing a baby meal and consider the entire positive and negative expectations. 

Undoubtedly, a mother and child’s bond is the purest form of relationship in the world. However, being a mother doesn’t mean you are turned into a scientist or researcher. Motherhood is a phase that you have to enjoy instead of participating in a competition of becoming a perfect mother. 

Every woman has basic instincts that they can follow to grow a happy and healthy child. Remember, in the Stone Age, women didn’t have access to the internet, medical help and books. However, they are knowledgeable enough to give the best care to the child. 

Instead of pressurizing yourself, it is time to start enjoying the new journey of your life. Here we have also mentioned 10 easiest, but most effective tips to become on how to be a better mom that will make the journey enjoyable for you. 

1. Believe in your natural instincts

As we have mentioned before, every woman has some basic motherly instinct, which guides them to provide the best care for the child. So, if you are stuck in a scenario and you don’t have any idea what you have to do, then instead of searching for solutions on Google, you have to believe in your inside voice. 

The basic instinct will help you in making the right decisions for your kid. Remember you are the one who loves the most and cares the most for your kid. So, you can never do anything bad for them. 

All you need to do is believe in yourself a little more and you will become the best mom for your kids in no time.

2. Stress less

Stress is the bad thing that you have to kick out of your life right now. Every new mom is stressed a lot. They get tense when the baby starts crying, sleeps more and eats less. They dialed the number of specialists instantly in any unusual scenario and made the little problems worse. 

So, firstly, you have to stress less and keep your mind calm. As a first-time mother, the motherhood journey can be hard for you. However, you will learn from your experiences and give the best care to your child. 

So, try to understand a situation calmly and take action accordingly. It will ease the problem and make the journey easy. 

3. Give the gift of time to your kids

A good mother is always available for the kids. Instead of any valuable gift item, time is one of the precious gifts that you can give to your child. Spending time with your children doing their favorite activities will make your bond stronger and allow you to understand your kid even better. 

You can utilize this time to teach valuable life lessons to your little ones. You can start by giving 15 minutes to your kid. For 15 minutes you can tell good night stories, and listen to their daily routine and school experiences. 

A little time, attention and care will make you a better mom and help in the growth and development of a kid. 

4. Take care of yourself

Being a good mother doesn’t mean you invest all your day in your kids. Self-care is also important. Remember your kids will not learn the things you teach them, but they will also learn from your actions, lifestyle and behavior. 

Plus, a little self-care will keep you happy and healthy, which will allow you to handle the parenting tasks with more energy. So, it will make things easier for you and allow you to enjoy everything. 

This is why you have to get some free time for yourself. Meanwhile, you can read your favorite books, do some skincare and go shopping. 

5. You can’t rely on a search engine every time

Modern moms always rely on search engines to find anything. Whether it comes to breastfeeding issues, baby food, diaper rashes and digestion problems of babies, they start scrolling online to find the answers. 

Everything you find on the web is not relevant and the information is given by unreliable sources, which can make a small problem worse. This is why you have to stop relying on Google and start following practical solutions. 

Instead, you can keep following the instructions of your doctor and consult with them for time to handle the challenges wisely and get the best results.

6. Share your feelings

Being a mother is not an easy journey. A woman goes through plenty of things physically and mentally. Sometimes, pregnancy can lead to serious mental health issues like depression, which can turn the post-pregnancy time into a nightmare for you.

This is why it is important to share your feelings and emotions with your loved ones. How are you feeling after delivering a child? Share your fears and doubts with the special ones. 

It will not only reduce your stress level and make you feel good, but it will also boost your energy level to take care of your little one full of energy and love. 

7. Set good examples for your kids

The kids copy their parents. Yes, you will be surprised to know, but the little ones imitate their parents by observing their actions. From the age of 1 year, they start noticing their parents and try to copy their actions. 

The common problem with modern-day parents is that their toddlers cry for smartphones and devices when they don’t even know how to operate these devices. This is why because they see their parents spend most of their time on these devices. 

This is why you have to set good examples for your kids. If you want to develop habits like reading in your toddlers, then you have to start with yourself. Grab a book and tell stories to your kids. It is the best way to develop good habits in your children from a young age. 

8. Let your kid explore

The modern day mothers always restrict their children from exploration. They try to control their actions and set some boundaries. As a mom, you are responsible for your child’s actions and security. However, it doesn’t mean you start ruling their lives. 

Give some space and freedom to your child to explore their body and the area of your home. Some mothers even don’t allow kids to touch their body parts, especially private ones. 

There is no problem that your kid is exploring his/her own body. It gives them the freedom to understand even their own body. You don’t need to worry and find a good approach to teach him about self-care once they grow up to understand everything. 

9. Do some DIYs and creative activities

One of the best ways to develop creative minds in little ones is through DIYs and activities. The activities like painting, crafting, planting and cleaning allow your kids to develop creative minds. Plus, it also improves their motor actions and promotes healthy growth. 

You can also participate in DIY and creative activities with your children to encourage them to do good work. It will improve the involvement of your kid in such activities. Plus, it will also improve your bond with your kid. 

These activities will develop good habits in your kids and you will be a mom, who never complains about lazy kids. Isn’t it amazing?

10. Ask for help from your kids in household chores

The moms always complain that their teenagers always disobey them and run from the household chores. The household chores are everyone’s responsibility, whoever is living under the same roof and you have to teach the same to your kids from an early age. 

As a new mom, you have a good time developing healthy habits in your kid and raising a perfect kid. You can ask for help with little household chores according to the ability of your kid. It will develop a habit of helping and being responsible for the home. 


How to be a better mom? The answer is following the above tips will make you a better mom. Every mom is perfect in her own way. All you need to do is work a little more on yourself and apply new parenting tricks to deal with daily challenges. It will allow you to be the best mom for your kids.