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9 Best Productivity Apps for Working Moms

Renu Sharma March 20, 2023

9 Best Productivity Apps for Working Moms

Productivity Apps for Working Moms

Now being a mother and a working mom at the same time has become easy with the help of technology. Many apps in the market have proven themselves as the best Productivity Apps for Working Moms. A working mother has a lot more to do than Stay-at-home mothers. 

Working mothers care for their children, meet their client’s deadlines, and participate in household chores. Some even manage to make time for themselves. Even when I am writing this blog, I am sitting on my chair with my laptop on my desk while watching my 9-year daughter playing with my toddler on the lawn. At the same time, I have put cookies to bake in the microwave and clothes in the washing machine.

When so many things are on the to-do list, moms may get to juggle their chores. Chances are high that only some tasks can be remembered. So, it is always advisable to take the help of technology to stay on time and attend to your to-do lists.

Free Productivity Apps for Working Moms

There are many productivity applications available in the market. Still, we have tried to jot down the best applications which are either free or offer freemium services. So, based on the reviews given by working mothers, these are some of the applications you may use:

1. Productive

Price: Free

A premium option is Available

Habit tracker

What does this app do?

This application helps mothers to set personal goals, and it keeps track of the progress of the plan. You can analyze how you utilized your time and what goals you have accomplished.

Moms using this app have given feedback that they feel satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day as they achieve their daily goals step by step. Also, you can check the set goals after completing every plan, which will help you to avoid missing or forgetting any critical tasks.

How does it help working mothers?

First, you need to decide on your to-do list. Once decided, you have to set them as a goal one by one. Then set reminders for your targets with time. 

Do you need to order the baby foods or any medicine? The app will remind you at the given time. You can even set the time when your child’s medicines or baby food are going to be out of stock.

Do you forget to drink water regularly during the day or to take medicines? Then Productive application can be your best friend.

2. Fabulous

Price: Free

A premium option is also available.

Daily routine planner

What does this app do?

This application has been proven to be a great helper in building habits and keeping moms healthy. The user interface is clean and made super user-friendly. The app will be with you until you develop healthy habits and become your better version.

How it Simplifies Mom Life:

Sometimes loads of motherhood responsibilities gradually make women forget about themselves. This app will allow you to remember to take care of yourself. Hence it will drag you towards being less stressed and fulfilled, and this eventually helps you to become more productive.

3. Trello

Price: Free

manage team projects

What does this app do?

Among the productivity apps for working moms, this app is one of the best. Your work life and home life can be managed with the help of this app, and you can even use it with your team members and family members to ensure no tasks are being skipped from your to-do list.

The app allows working mothers to create boards within the application. To be more specific, you can create a board for your team members and another board for your family member.

The task is called cards within the app. 

So, within each board, you must create cards for yourself or others sharing the same board. You can set up a date and time for every card, like a start or end date. You can generate a checklist under the cards. Also, each member with have access to your cards, and they can add comments or upload attachments.

How does it help working mothers?

With the help of the Trello app, you can easily plan any family vacation, create or upload your monthly or weekly grocery list, create a checklist for your kid’s necessities, or even keep track of all your family functions, gathering, and appointment.

4. Cozi Family Organizer

Price: Free

There are options to upgrade to a premium version.

faimly orgnizer

What does this app do?

The Cozi family organizer has been developed for an entire family to become productive. Being a working mother, you can keep track of your children’s and your husband’s schedules.

The app has a great calendar that can be shared with family members and different color codes for others. So, within a few glances, you can check all the schedules of your husband and kids. 

How does it help working mothers?

As most working mothers plan their weekly meals, this app can integrate the recipes. You can create a weekly grocery list based on the recipes and their ingredients.

This app offers a shared calendar between you and your husband so the household work can be equally divided between you. Your husband can see that the grocery shopping is still pending, and he can buy the grocery while returning home from the office.

5. Pocket Life Organizer

Price: Free

This app comes with a freemium option. Now it is only available in App Store.

pocketlife calender

What does this app do?

This app helps the working mother by providing different colours for different events. So, mothers can mark their occasions beforehand on the calendar. And the other colour codes will help them to understand the importance of events.

So, you can be tension free as there is no chance of missing or overlapping appointments. The best part is that this app comes with an audible reminder. The other best part is that you can check all your events and meetings in one place and do not need to click on any day to see the schedules.

How does it help working mothers?

This application has one of the best features for sharing events or tasks with family members. For example, if you will be late from the office and your kid has to complete school projects which you were supposed to help them with, you can share that task with your husband if he is at home.

Some other free Productivity Apps for Working Moms you may also explore:

If you are still reading, I hope the above-mentioned application was helpful enough to assist you in managing your daily chores and official work. If you still have not got the “made for you” application from the above list, then these below-mentioned apps will surely impress you with their features. These are also free or freemium applications with excellent user-friendly interfaces and features usually available in the premium versions.

6. Asana


Asana is mainly a project planning application. For moms with a deadline to meet and stay engaged in several projects, this app will be your favourite application. It is one of the best productivity applications for working moms because it allows you to note every step of the project, set a deadline, and add other project details. Another best part is that you can sync your calendar with the app.

The free version of this app gives you access to include the task checklist with a list view, or you may also see it via calendar view. It also gives you access to coordinate with your team members. If you have any repetitive tasks, use the Task duplicate option.

7. Toggl

toggl track

If you are taking up projects from clients and taking charges per hour, you should download this app because it can help you and the client understand the paid hours. It simply breaks down projects and the type of work that is required.

The free version of this app allows you to add multiple clients. The tasks can also be shared with your team member if they are all using the same app.

8. Focus keeper

focus keeper

Being mothers of an infant or toddlers mothers can not work for long hours without any breaks. So, this app will divide your work into easy 25 minutes segments, and after every 25 minutes, it will knock you to take a leave of 5 minutes. 

The reason to love this app is that it is not rigid. It will allow you to adjust your own time based on your comfort. You may increase the 25 minutes time limit or, if necessary you may decrease the limit. 

Using this app is very easy. You can select any task you want to focus on, and then you need to set the timer. By default, the app follows a 25 minutes schedule. The app will make you focus only on tasks and help you not to divert your mind towards any social media platform.

9. Flora


It is only available in the App Store. If you are excessively addicted to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, this app can be your saviour. As per the reviews given by 1,000,000 users, the Flora app does help then to restrict the mobile’s screen time. 

Within a few days of using the Flora app, you will see an increase in productivity and become more organized. The app act as a game like you will be sitting for a project, so you set a timer. Within the set time, you have to select the applications which you will not be going to use.  

Now, you need to plant a fake tree in the app. So, whenever you open your “not to use” app, Flora will ask you to reconsider your actions and still if you use the “not to use” app then the fake plant dies. If you finish the set goal with the help of fake trees by not getting distracted by the time-consuming applications, you can set up a beautiful garden within the app. Like a game, you can move from one level to another. 

10. BeforeSunset

Before Sunset

What does this app do?

If you are a working mom who is struggling to keep her life organized, this app is just for you. All your work and family-related tasks and chores are in one place. You can create tags to organize it all.

What is even better is that you can use it with your family. Divide chores among yourselves and easily see what has been completed and what isn’t. BeforeSunset also allows you to share your mood with your family. Are your children happy or feeling kinda sick? You can simply view it from the team section.

How does it help working mothers?

With BeforeSunset your life will be more organized than ever. You can always know what your family is up to, how they are feeling, and what chores need to be done. The analytics section also helps you see how productive you all have been that week.


Just two decades ago, girls were restricted from working. Being a mother leaving her child at home and going for jobs was a strict no-no. Only those who didn’t get the support of their husbands financially or, due to some extreme condition, used to prefer to become a working mothers.

But now, the time has changed. Almost every woman wants to be financially free and achieve the pioneer of their career. At the same time, they so want to embrace their motherhood with pride.

But being a working mother is not easy to manage all sides, whether it is your work or your child. So, these Productivity Apps for Working Moms can help you to complete your work effortlessly. We hope this article was helpful to you, and now you know which application you have to use to boost your productivity.

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