The World of Parenting Blogs: Your Ultimate Guide

Renu Sharma October 17, 2023

The World of Parenting Blogs: Your Ultimate Guide

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Parenting is a challenging but rewarding journey. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and every parent and child is unique. But one thing is for sure: parents need support. The best place to find this support is parenting blogs.

Parenting blogs are a great way to find advice, support, and inspiration for raising children. These blogs are written by parents, experts, and professionals who share their experiences, knowledge, and insights on various aspects of parenting.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best parenting blogs available. 

What to look for in a parenting blog

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In parenting blogs, there is a world of information, such as the best toys for kids that you can benefit from. One thing that you should note is that there are many different parenting blogs out there, so it’s important to choose ones that are relevant to your needs and interests. When choosing a parenting blog, consider the following factors:

  • Content: Does the blog cover topics that are important to you?
  • Voice: Do you enjoy the author’s writing style and voice?
  • Accuracy: Is the information on the blog accurate and up-to-date?
  • Community: Does the blog have a strong community of other parents who you can connect with?

15 Best Parenting Blogs to Follow

parenting bloggers

Here is a list of the 15 best parenting blogs that you can follow:

1. Aha! Parenting: This blog is run by Dr. Laura Markham, a clinical psychologist who specializes in parenting. The blog offers practical advice on how to raise happy and emotionally healthy children.

My top pick: 10 Habits to Strengthen your relationship with your child


2. Alpha Mom: This blog is run by Isabel Kallman and offers advice on pregnancy, parenting, and lifestyle. It also features product reviews for children and families.

My top pick: Toddlers who line up toys


3. BabyCenter: This blog is one of the most popular parenting blogs on the internet today. It provides parenting tips and articles on child care. BabyCenter also features a baby name index, infertility support groups, and pregnancy monitors.

My top pick: How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night


4. Family Focus Blog: This family-oriented blog has award-winning content pulled from real-life inspiration. Contributors discuss parenting issues, family travel, activities and advise on green living.

My top pick: 10 Benefits of Spending Time with Family


5. Motherly: This blog is run by a team of moms who offer advice on pregnancy, birth, postpartum care, breastfeeding, and more.

My top pick: The first 12 months: Your baby’s growth and weight


6. Parenting Science: This blog provides evidence-based information on child development and parenting practices.

My top pick: Authoritarian parenting outcomes: What happens to the kids?


7. Scary Mommy: This popular blog is known for its hilarious take on parenting hacks. It features news articles involving children, celebrity parenting stories, and sensitive issues such as school shootings.

My top pick: How to Know if Your Child’s Separation Anxiety is a Sign Something’s Wrong


8. The Bump: This blog offers advice on pregnancy and parenting along with a baby registry checklist.

My top pick: Toddler Discipline: How to Handle Bad Toddler Behavior


9. The Dad Website: This humorous dad site offers fantastic advice for dads on every step of their journey into fatherhood.

My top pick: How To Build Your Confidence As a Dad


10. The Inspired Treehouse: This blog offers practical advice on how to help your child develop gross motor skills through play.

My top pick: Core Strengthening Activities for Kids


11. Rookie Moms: Rookie Moms is a parenting blog that is written by and for new moms. The blog covers a wide range of topics related to new motherhood, including breastfeeding, postpartum depression, and sleep deprivation.

My top pick: 6 Fool-Proof Strategies for When Your Toddler Won’t Stay in Bed


12. Positive Parenting Solutions: Positive Parenting Solutions is a parenting blog that provides parents with tips and strategies for raising happy and well-adjusted children. The blog covers topics such as discipline, behavior management, and emotional intelligence.

My top pick: Talking to Kids About Tragedy: Tips for Hard Conversations


What to Love About These Blogs

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Research shows that about 54% of parents use parenting blogs or websites to get information. These blogs offer valuable information and tips on various aspects of parenting such as pregnancy care, child development, health care tips for kids, emotional development of children etc., which can help parents raise happy and healthy children.

These blogs also provide a sense of community for parents who may feel isolated or overwhelmed by the challenges of raising children. They offer a platform for parents to share their experiences with others who may be going through similar situations.

Happy Parenting!

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