13 Mom influencers on Instagram with 100k+ followers

Renu Sharma April 4, 2023

13 Mom influencers on Instagram with 100k+ followers

Mom influencers on Instagram

Parenting can be fun as well as challenging. To help new parents, there are many Moms who work hard on the internet. Some of these moms are also called Instagram moms. Today in this article we are going to discuss 13 popular Mom influencers on Instagram.

We all love to see cute and funny baby videos on the internet. These are videos shared by their parents, specifically moms. They also share parenting hacks. They record almost every detail of their motherhood and time spent with their children. 

Uploading videos on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube has also opened opportunities for them to earn money. Once you become popular on the social media platform, several brands will approach you to collaborate. You will get several sponsored posts for your Instagram profile. 

Apart from an Instagram profile, if you also have a YouTube account or a blog website, then you can also earn from Google AdSense.

13 Mom influencers on Instagram with 100k+ followers

   1. ashleyterk



Her name is Ashley Terk, and she is an influencer Mom on Instagram. She has a total of 100K+ followers. Her Instagram feed is mostly filled with pictures and reels of her son, husband, and friends.

   2. paigecraig

paige craig

Paige Craig is the mother of three lovely kids, Jagger, Lennon, and Madden. Each of these kids has their own individual Instagram accounts as jaggercraig,  _lennoncraig, and  _maddencraig. Paige and her husband Christian Craig who is an athlete run a YouTube channel called 

The Craig Family. Currently, Paige has 140K+ followers on Instagram and 100K+ subscribers on YouTube.

   3. hbgoodie


Heather is also known as a beach mom because most of the time we can see her on a beach wearing a bikini. Mother of Jade and Bindi, Heather is not only an Instagram mom, rather she is also an entrepreneur mom. She has her swimsuit brand called Sun Bleached. She has a total of 260K+ followers on Instagram.

   4. ockeydockey


Lauren Riboldi is a beautiful mother of two kids, Cru and Indi. She is married to Josh Riboldi and both love to share their moments of life with the world through social media. Lauren has 440K+ followers on Instagram. Apart from this, they are also on other social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. They have already crossed 1M+ subscribers on YouTube.

   5. yasmynswitzer


Yasmyn Switzer uses social media to share her journey of being a teenage mom. She is an Instagram Mom influencer and YouTuber with, 800k+ subscribers. Laela Juliana is her first daughter, born in 2018. After a year, she gave birth to Analia Rae in 2019 and Millie-Isla Moon in 2021. 

   6. heathercrock


Heather Crockett Oram has a very heartwarming story of motherhood. She is a mother of five sons but has not given birth to any of them. Currently, she is living with her husband, who was a single father of two sons. After they got married, they added 3 more kids within the family through adoption. Read her full story at Love What Matters.

  7. homeoftheharveys

home of the harveys

This Instagram page is handled by both the parents of the kids. The Harvey’s has three beautiful kids. They left their jobs to become full-time parents and content creators on the internet. They have a website called Home of the Harveys. They started blogging in 2017, and soon people started loving their blogs.

   8. team2moms

team 2 moms

Out of so many Mom influencers on Instagram, Team2Moms are different because they are two moms parenting their kids Olivia, Jayden, and Lucas. Denise and Ebony were together for 7 years when they decided to marry in 2010. They have 200K+ followers on Instagram and 1M+ subscribers on YouTube. Apart from daily vlogs, they also talk about artificial insemination.

   9. mommyinheels

mommy in heels

Rebecca is a business mom who has 100K+ followers on Instagram. She started her journey of becoming an influencer in the year 2012 when she was 7 months pregnant. At that time it was just a hobby where she used to share her daily pregnancy outfit. Soon she turned her hobby into a brand called Mommy In Heels. At present day, she is married to Ryan and a mother of three beautiful girls called Ella, Charlotte, and Cecelia.

   10. thetennillelife


Tennille Murphy is a 43 year ‘mature, confident black woman’. She is a full-time vlogger with a holistic vision of life. She mainly talks about Beauty, wellness, travel, and fashion.  She is married to Mike and a mother of two adults, May who is 25, and Xia who is 19. Her Instagram profile has more than 190K+ followers. Read more about her on her website.

   11. joyfullygreen

joy fully green

Joy is a Chinese native, who shifted to Houston 15 years ago. She is an interior designer by profession. In her free time, she clicks photos and records her daily moments with her 2 furry babies and her sweet baby girl Kai. She shares these photos and recording on social media platforms. Her Instagram profile has 130K+ followers. You can learn more about her on her website, Joy Fully Green.

   12. cocoscaravan


One of the most inspiring Mom influencers on Instagram is Jennifer Hanks. Jennifer and Justin (her husband) were friends from school. Later in life, they realized their love for each other. But, life is unpredictable and a ride of a roller coaster. The two-month-old newly married couple found out that Justin has been diagnosed with cancer. Though, he survived his first cancer, but could not make it the second time. Among all these sorrows, the ray of sunshine came when Jennifer and Justin welcome their twin baby boys into the world. Now, Jennifer is a single mother, sharing her experience and daily moments with other moms through the social media platform. She has more than 280K+ followers on her Instagram profile.

   13. kt.gonzales

kt gonzales

Katie Gonzales welcomed her first baby while she was a teenager. She uploads videos about relationships, parenting, and pregnancy. She is a mother of three beautiful girls. She is having 100K+ followers on Instagram. She and her husband run a YouTube channel called KBandBaby which has 240K+ subscribers.

How to become a successful Instagram Mom influencer?

Moms who post regularly on Instagram and have large numbers of followers on Instagram are known as Instagram moms. There is a slight difference between Instagram Mom and Influencer Mom. An influencer Mom is someone who is equally popular on other social media platforms. 

These moms share images and videos of their moments from daily life. They also use Instagram as a platform to promote their products and services. They even get many sponsored posts from different brands. Not only that, but they closely work with brands and collaborate to create online content. 

Instagram Moms, who has numerous followers, can easily raise their voice against any social injustice. They can even start a discussion or a debate regarding any topic. With popularity, people do get some power to make changes in society.

Apart from all of these advantages mentioned above, the most beautiful advantage of becoming an Instagram mom is you can be a stay-at-home mom and still earn decently from social media. These moms can witness the growing steps of their kids without compromising their financial independence. 

So, the question is how to become an Instagram mom. Follow these eight steps to reach your goal:

    1. A strong Bio

Whenever anyone will visit your profile, the first thing they will notice is your Instagram Bio. So, the bio should be relatable to your audience. Before writing your bio, first, you need to research a bit. Visit the profiles of other Instagram moms who inspire you the most. Take a screenshot of the bio written by some of the influencers. Now, you got an idea of what you should be writing on your Instagram bio. There should be mentioned who you are and what you do. 

    2. A wonderful Profile picture

Instagram is all about photos and videos. So, it is very important to upload a nice smiling photo of you. You may also upload your photo with your kids. People generally follow profiles that upload good-quality pictures and videos.

    3. Follow other influencers

To stay up to date with the trends, you need to follow other Instagram moms. If you want to grow on Instagram, then you should know what is going viral on Instagram. Follow precisely other influencers’ profiles to know how and what they are uploading, and when they are uploading. Also, take notice of what content has got more likes and comments. You will get startup business ideas of what type of content you should make so that you can draw the interest of your audience.

    4. Amazing Content

We all know that “content is king”. Give your audiences a reason why they should view your pictures, and watch your reels and IGTV videos. Make related and useful content. 

    5. Plan a schedule

Follow a definite schedule. Once you know who are your audiences and at what time they stay online, things will be easier. You can get this data from Instagram Insight. Upload accordingly, so that you can get more views and engagement on your post.

    6. Be Consistent

Though “content is the king” if you are not consistent on the platform then good content will not be going to help you. You need to stay connected with your followers every time. On social media, consistency is the key to success.

    7. Build a fan group or a community

Once you start getting followers on your account, it is only because they have started liking you and your content. So, it is quite obvious they will look forward to talking to you or chatting with you. So, it is best you make a fan group or a community where you can stay connected with all your followers. Your followers can also talk to each other and even share their love for you.

    8. Sign up for the Influencer marketing Platform

Once, you have made an identity on Instagram and have got the benchmark numbers of followers, you can call yourself an influencer. So, it’s time to find ways to earn money from Instagram. Sign up on different Influencer marketing platforms so that different brands and organizations can contact you.


In this article, I have tried to mention brief details of some established Mom influencers on Instagram. I have also listed down the steps to help you become one of those mom influencers. I hope this article was helpful enough, and that it has inspired you to grow. 

One of the important things to always remember is if mothers dream to become mom influencers on Instagram, they need to have immense patience. Some influencers get their popularity from the very first reels they upload, some become popular within a few months, and some even reach their goal after a year. So, don’t lose hope, and be consistent with your quality content.

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