Dipali Mathur – How She Became the Founder of Super Smelly from a Banker

Rajat Garg August 30, 2022

Dipali Mathur – How She Became the Founder of Super Smelly from a Banker

Dipali Mathur Journey


Switching from a secure job to a challenging role as an entrepreneur is not a thing that everyone can do. It takes a lot of courage to begin a new journey when you are already enjoying your comfortable space. 

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. The role comes with a lot of risks and challenges. Today, we interviewed Dipali Mathur, who turned into an entrepreneur leaving a secure job as a banker. 

In this interview, we have tried to discover the idea and motivation behind starting a brand of products in the most challenging marketplace. 

What kept Dipali invested and motivated in his journey and how did she succeed in this new role?

1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

 I used to be a private banker in my past life and while being a mom might have triggered the idea of starting this brand, it was the banker in me who was started by the sheer math behind it.

 Like every millennial parent raising children in the age of google search bar, I used to also research everything when it came to my daughter whether it was her diapers, pediatricians, schools, food or absolutely everything because I thought I’d rather err on the side of caution than make mistakes.

 So when it came to her personal care products like bath gels, moisturizers etc. I started following two golden rules –

  • That the product should be dermatologically tested for her age group.
  • That the product should be 100% toxin free certified.

 The good thing was that for as long as she was a little baby, there were a lot of options to choose from amongst several new age & traditional brands.

 It is only when my little girl was entering her tweens & I was looking for a deodorant spray for her, did I realize that my daughter Prashali was a part of a massive 40% of our country’s population, also referred to as GenZ, for who not even a single brand makes products for. There are of course a ton of brands catering to the two bookends but absolutely nothing for the most formative years of their life.

 That is when I and my partner Milan got together with a business plan along with a deep sense of responsibility for the next generation thinking to ourselves that if we don’t do it, who else will?

 That is when India’s first 100% toxin free certified brand of deodorants and other personal care products aimed at the new generation was born and we named it Super Smelly.

2. Please tell us about one thing that keeps you strong and motivated.

 The “why” of what I do is so strong that every time the chips are down I derive the strength to go on from there. I believe that by making a brand for the youth of my country we are not just triggering the freedom of choice towards a healthy and toxin free life but we are also creating a community of young minds who deserve a representation of their opinions, values and beliefs. This brand has the power to be the wind beneath its wings and being a mother to a teen myself, the passion to carry forward for me is very strong.

 3. How important is family support in your journey?

  Family support is extremely important because it’s only when your family is a part of your journey can the journey feel fulfilling. My parents, husband and my in-laws have been super supportive all through but my biggest cheer leader is my daughter. The pride that I see in her eyes not just gives me joy but also makes it all worthwhile.

4. What is the best parenting advice you would like to give other working moms?

 The circumstances of each working mom are quite different from each other but one thing in common is guilt. The only advice I could give is not to feel guilty about working as one day your child will grow up enough to not just be proud of you but to also understand how a working mom can improve the standard of living of any family.

 Also, it’s important for little boys and girls to see the mom working so that this is normal for them so that they do not question it when it’s time for them or their spouse to work.

5. How do you manage your work and family together? Can you share a few tips with us?

 For those who enjoy spontaneity, this is not something you should sign up for me the mantra has been a very disciplined and regimented lifestyle. Everything is pre-planned and scheduled in advance to accommodate both work & mom duties.

6. What are the challenges a working woman has to face in our society? Please share a message you want to convey to working moms?

Women are conditioned to believe that their careers come second to men. We are brought up thinking working is an option for our gender but the fact of the matter is that every adult individual needs to be financially independent. In fact, women need to be financially independent more than men since to my mind this is the only solution for so many challenges that we face like being stuck in abusive relationships, no voice in decision making, dowry, early marriages, etc. Financial freedom liberates us to lead the kind of life that we want to lead and make our own choices.

Therefore I hope that my baby girl watches me and grows up knowing that working and earning your own money is important and normal

7. Would you like to tell us about your business? What are your products/services etc

 Super Smelly is a personal care brand that is fun, quirky yet responsible. We are India’s first ever brand to make 100% toxin free certified spray deodorants and have some really amazing and long lasting fragrances. Our products are specially dermatologically tested and safe for young skin therefore anyone from 7 to 70 years old can safely use these products.

We are a gender-neutral brand and have focused product solutions aimed at the youth. Our hair gels and hair cream are two of the hottest selling products amongst people with curly hair and those who like to style their hair every day without any harm.

We have bodycare, lip care, acne and skincare solutions as well.


The story of Dipali is truly inspiring for other working moms. She proved that there is no specific mark of success. You can achieve bigger things in your life with a strong motive and inspiration.

She started her brand when she was working as a banker. She kept dealing with the challenges until she achieved what she wanted.

A clear motive, good research, motivation, efforts and family support is the key to Dipali’s success.

So, working moms, learn from Dipali’s success and start working on your dreams from today to taste success in your life. 

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