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10 Best Baby Naming Apps for Your Newborn

Rajat Garg July 17, 2022

10 Best Baby Naming Apps for Your Newborn

Baby naming apps

I get it. Your yet-to-be-born child is your whole world. And whether the baby is a boy or girl, the perfect name is all that matters to you. Having been in a few naming marathons, I must say naming a kid is easier said than done.

In this list we’re going to cover the 9 best apps for Android and iOS that you can use for finding a name for your baby boy or girl.

1) Nametrix

It’s no accident Nametrix is the first app on the list.

Parents love the Baby Names by Nametrix app and in fact one of the reviewers is surprised that there aren’t more reviews of the app.

Baby naming apps

Nametrix stands out compared to the rest of the naming apps on the list because of its unique feature of suggesting names fit for a particular profession. The professional aspect of a Jane in a corporate role or a Regus as a drummer is what new parents find the most exciting about Nametrix.

Besides that there are scores of features like the ability to view the popularity of a name in a country for the past 100 years, sibling name suggestions, name origins and meanings.

In particular if you choose a few favorite names the app will recommend even more names based on your favorites.

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2) Baby Name Together

Baby name together is an app designed to end your unending search for baby names. I get it. You like a name but your better half doesn’t. Do you hate it when you spend a lot of time on websites and apps only to not find what you’re looking for? I certainly do.

Well not anymore. Both of you can download and install the app and then each of you can compare the names against the ones your spouse chose. Choose the perfect name from the list of matching names.

baby name together app


  • Choose from a list of 30000 unique baby girl and boy names
  • Share your list with each other to find names you both like
  • View the score for each name

Find information on names like its meanings, statistics, its popularity and celebrities with that name.
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3) Baby Names by Seven Logics

Packed with more than 30,000 names, Baby Names makes it fun and simple to find a name for your baby.

With Baby names by Seven Logics you can see a number of different baby names, gender specific names and the origin of the names. You can search for names by setting one of these criteria or all three:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Origin

In addition, you have the ability to rate your favorite names and sort names by their gender and spelling. You also get full access to the map view showing the name’s origin. With premium features you can rate and share your own names using the my names feature.

Baby Names by Seven Logics

Other features are:

  • You get periodic name suggestions
  • No ads on the site
  • You have an autopen feature where the app suggests a name that goes along with the parent’s names

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4) Babyname by DoSomethingGood

Baby Name by DoSomethingGood is one of the best ways for you and your better half to choose the best name for your baby.

It’s fun to use and a great way for busy couples to reestablish the lost connection. It doesn’t matter in which corner of the world you are.

Babyname by DoSomethingGood

How does it work?

Connect with your better half and swipe the baby name cards. If you both like the same name it’s a match and gets added to the favorites. The swipe function makes choosing the name a fun process. The app has a collection of more than 30,000 unique names with its meaning and origins.

Download from Playstore

5) Baby Names by DexCheck

Baby Names by DexCheck is one of the highest rated apps on the iTunes app store.
Why do you need baby naming books or suggestions from friends and families when there’s an app just for that. You can scroll past hundreds of baby names on an easy to use interactive interface. You can see the origin, the meaning, the pronunciation and the popularity of the name.

With the custom search feature you get better results broken down by the trends, the origin and the different parts of a name. There are multiple categories ranging from christmas names, seasonal names, to nature names and more.

Baby Names by DexCheck

Save a name you like to your favorites list and add additional customizations like a middle name.


  • Has over 60,000 baby girl and boy names
  • Search by meaning and papillary
  • Filter names by their origin
  • Filter names by their popularity
  • Filter names by the gender
  • See more information

Download from Apple Appstore

6.) First Cry Baby Names Finder

The first cry baby names finder is a small wonder. It has a directory of 100,000 baby girl and baby boy names along with a number of unisex names. With the FirstCry iOS app you can pick a strong identity that will help your baby in the future.

Choosing a name isn’t easy.

There are just sooo many options available and you want the perfect name.

Browse through the collection to get the perfect name. To make it easy for you, the names are filtered by the alphabet, the origin of the name, the gender and more things. That’s why it becomes so easy for you to get to the perfect name.

First Cry Baby Names Finder

You can either use it for your use or send it to a friend or family who’s having a newborn soon.
The app will give you space for searching for baby names and choose one that aligns with what you feel is right.

First Cry has been in the baby biz for a long time. They retail baby wear and other things that babies want. As such they have years of experience. They are a key part of a thriving parenting community and also analyze popular names through social media and other channels. The app lets you shortlist meaningful names.

Download from Apple’s Appstore

7) Names With Meanings

Every time you come across a unique baby name you must have wondered what that name meant. There’s no second guessing with this app.

You also get a monthly list of updated trending names from within the app.

Names With Meanings

There are 200+ origins suggesting the history and the derivation of each name and helps you shortlist names.

A number of filters let you conduct the name search by the gender, the first initial, the geography and popularity of the name.


  • Comes with 100,000 baby name suggestion
  • Unique and uncommon names
  • Name meanings

Download from Playstore

8) Namly

Namly is a baby name app that allows you to pick baby girl and boy names.

With the app parents can choose the best name for their child. It shows both baby girl and baby boy names along with the meanings of these names in alphabetical order.

Within the app there are gender and origin filters for you. You can also choose the cards filled with trending names and move them to the bookmark list. Every card shows the significance of the name so you never have to miss any names. You have options to share favorite names with friends and family as well. The app is free to use.

Namly - Baby naming apps

As a parent, picking a name for your kid doesn’t have to be so stressful.

Trending: Trending names are cute and unique baby names. These are popular names for children trending since the year 2020. Namly lists names from the alphabet a to z and you can choose names by their origin and their meaning. You have the unisex names option too.

The app has a feature where like Tinder, should you like a name you swipe to the right. If you dislike it, it’s a simple swipe to the left and you will never see it again.

Book: The book options enlists all the possible names from where you can search your favorite names. From this place you can switch the origin and the gener. Type any alphabet and you get the relevant names according to that.

Bookmark: Use the bookmark feature to save your chosen names into a favorites list. Check and track the best names.

  • You can choose both baby girl and baby boy names
  • You get to see the meanings of names
  • You get to see the pronunciation for each name
  • You can have the option of gender selection and set filters
  • Search with initial alphabets so you don’t have to scroll any more than you need to

Download from Google Playstore

9) Baby Names for Boy and Girl

Baby Names for Boy and Girl

With the app baby names for boy and girl, you can choose a proper name for your child. There are over 50000 options for you to pick from. App presents a collection of good names organized by their religion. Plus you get to see their meanings.

Not only that, you have the option to share the names with friends or family. You can bookmark the name and save it as your favorite.

You can search the names alphabetically. You can see the names on a new screen and find the best matching name for your child.

The interface is super easy and clean for you to search for names by religion


  • The names are arranged in alphabetical order
  • Over 50000 names to pick from
  • Meanings of baby names
  • Favorite your baby name and view it later.
  • Totally free of cost
  • No internet required
  • Copy interesting names to clipboard

Download from Apple Appstore

10) Baby Names 2022

Babynames is a convenient application from which you can choose a child’s name. You don’t need to purchase any big directories. You can 32000 names to pick from and in one application.

You have both traditional and rare names. And names from multiple denominations.

How to name a boy?
For boys the primary choice is names that highlight masculinity. The names can affect characters and give courage , strength and honesty to the kid as he or she grows up. Choosing a name for someone means you need to pay attention to all the parts, especially the last name. Baby Names 2022 specializes in masculine-sounding names for the baby boy.

How to name a girl?
It is not simple to find a name for your girl child. The name must epitomize emotions of care, and kindness. Of importance is the fact that their names should be apt when they grow up and highlight their character.

Baby Names 2022


Convenient navigation: You scroll to the right if you like the name and to the left if you don’t like a name. The name doesn’t appear again.

Rapid discussion with relatives: Any name is easy to share with other applications and through instant messages.

Put the first and last names together: You can see how the name looks with the last name.

Start picking a name for the baby before you find out the gender: Save the names of babies you like. Start with a name even if you don’t know if the baby’s a boy or girl.

Download from Playstore


What do you think of the apps listed here? All the apps listed here be they for Android phones or phones running iOS are a magic genie in your pocket that spit out wonderful names all day long. There’s no need for you to buy heavy books on naming your kid or relying on friends and relations. All you need to do is install an app you like and flip it a few times.

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