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Top 6 Free Apps to Connect With other Moms

Rajat Garg October 11, 2022

Top 6 Free Apps to Connect With other Moms

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Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend”- Bill Watterson 

Friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds of relationships. A true friend will always support you in your hard time and make it easier to deal with the difficulties of your life. 

Motherhood is also one of the challenging phases in every woman’s life. A good friend can make the journey easier and happier. If you don’t have a mom friend, who can understand your motherhood challenges, then you can use apps for moms to connect with other moms and find a new mom friend. 

Making new friends in your 30s is one of the challenging tasks as you are not a kid anymore. However, using amazing apps to connect with other moms can make things easier for you and allow you to find other moms, who are also in search of a good mom friend. 

Why Should You Find a Mom Friend?

Being a mom is one of the most challenging journeys in a woman’s life. A woman goes through different emotions, feelings, and thoughts during the pregnancy journey and a newborn also comes with a lot of new responsibilities. 

An infant changes the life of a woman forever and they can’t switch back to their old lifestyle. The pressure of performing a role of a mother is unimaginable for an individual, who doesn’t even experience the same situation. 

Getting connected with other moms like you will give you support, inspiration, and motivation to adopt a new lifestyle happily. It will also help you in dealing with depression and anxiety by getting the right help and guidance. 

Having a good friend during your motherhood journey will help you in enjoying every change in your life and make it a lot better. 

How to Make Mom Friends?

If you are the only mother in your social group, then it becomes difficult to find a new mom friend. Today, working mothers are busy playing their roles at the office and at home. So, they can’t get time to visit parks and clubs to get connected with new people. 

Online apps are one of the easiest ways to find other moms like you and get connected with them. The best apps for moms to connect with other moms provide attractive features to the users. 

Using the apps, you can find new mothers in your areas. You can get connected with them; share messages and set a physical meeting in a park or coffee house and begin a new friendship. Isn’t it easy? 

Top Apps for Moms to Connect With Other Moms:

1. Peanut

Peanut is one of the safest platforms, where you can connect with women. The platform has 2.5 million women users, with whom you can connect instantly. The application is designed to address women’s health issues and provide support during challenging phases like pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause. 

Here, you can easily get connected with new moms like you and share your experiences to seek valuable advice and support. You can find a new mom friend near you and grow your social group using the application.


Download from Playstore

Key Features:

  • Expert advice
  • Incognito 
  • Video chat
  • Group chat
  • Free to download
  • 100% secure

2. Wink

Wink is also one of the interesting social apps, which allow you to connect with people all over the world. Yes, there is no restriction, you can get connected with worldwide people and expand your social circle. 

Using the application, you can find new moms, check their interests and send a connection request. The app also allows users to express themselves. So, you can add a picture and write a short note about yourself. It will allow you to find the best person you are looking for. You can begin a private chat and decide the meeting place to enjoy more. Isn’t it amazing?

Download from Playstore

Key Features:

  • Private chat
  • Express yourself with quotes
  • Attractive rewards
  • 100% safe
  • Millions of users
  • Easy to download and use

3. We3:

We3 is also an amazing social platform to find new moms like you. This is not a dating app, it is a platform, where people find true friends to hang out with and have fun. So, you can safely connect with women and grow your network.

The app allows women to get connected safely and begin a private video chat. You can review the profile of other users to find out the right connections. The platform will help you in getting in touch with genuine people and enjoy fun activities. 

Download from Playstore

Key Features:

    • Match profiles
    • Private chat
    • Smart quizzes 
    • Privacy 
    • 100% safe platform
    • Free to download

4. Meet Up

Do you love to join different events? After delivering a baby, you can’t attend a rocking concert. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with your little ones. The meet-up application allows users to discover local and online events. 

The app offers different events and groups to join. So, you can simply join a mommy’s group and get connected with other moms. The platform allows mothers to get connected and begin a social group to share motherhood issues and seek amazing solutions. 

Download from Playstore

Key Features:

    • Over 330,000 groups
    • 100,000 Meetup events
    • Explore events by keywords
    • Host your online event
    • Quick support
    • Data safety

5. Mom.Life: is a complete application for moms-to-be and new moms. Being a mother is one of the challenging phases in every woman’s life. The app allows expecting mothers and new moms to share their experiences with a supportive and caring community. 

The application also allows moms to get guidance and help from experts. So, you can easily deal with the difficulties of your pregnancy and motherhood and enjoy every movement of your life. Plus, you can also get connected with other moms and make some new mom friends. 

Download from Playstore

Key Features:

  • Find your mom squad 
  • Get answers from experts
  • Post your special movements
  • Pregnancy calculator 
  • Private mom groups
  • Free to download

6. Mom Sphere:

Mom Sphere is an amazing social app, which allows moms to get connected. The application allows moms to join a community, find other moms with similar interests, and meet and chat with moms. 

If you are feeling isolated, then it is an amazing app for you to find other moms and create a mom squad. You can discover the new moms in your area and meet them in the park and coffee house to discuss your motherhood experience. It will grow your social network and make you feel happy and alive.

Download from Playstore

Key Features:

  • Search other nearby moms
  • Connect and meet moms
  • Join a mom community
  • Private chat groups
  • Share posts 
  • Quick notifications
  • Data security

Conclusion: These are the top apps for moms to connect with other moms. Using the social platform, you can get over the isolation period and join a caring and helpful social group that makes your motherhood journey easier and happier. 


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