Amala Jenifer Nirmal – How She Discovered KidzBuy After Becoming a Mother

Rajat Garg August 12, 2022

Amala Jenifer Nirmal – How She Discovered KidzBuy After Becoming a Mother

A woman plays multiple roles in her life even from birth. The responsibilities increase with marriage and children. Being a working mommy also expands the roles and responsibilities of a woman, which introduce daily new challenges for them.

Performing well on two work fronts is never an easy task for any woman. As a human, women also have some limitations and breaking points. However, what makes a woman strong to deal with multiple challenges and achieve their dream even after crossing hundreds of hurdles?

Today, we interviewed Amala, an entrepreneur who runs KidzBuy Online Store in India, since 2017 to help out other women. We will know a little more about her inspiration, success journey, and secret trick of creating a good balance between work and home. You can find her on Instagram, Youtube channel and Facebook.


Kidzbuy Story


1. What motivated you to become a mompreneur?

These things I would say as the major driving factor to start this small business

Love for work & Self-motivation:

Before delivering my boy, I was already working as a teaching staff for 7 years shouldering many responsibilities that the institution offered, and always loved to take up challenges and push myself to do my tasks efficiently. To work hard and be self-motivated to do my work, and chase my dream has always been in me, I would say. Hence after quitting my profession, I wanted to keep myself engaged to satisfy my thirst to work and keep me active.

Struggle to find resources for my baby that resulted in a desire to help fellow mothers:

I started collecting more baby books and educational toys for my little boy and he loved books, so I was eager to bring in more resources for him. It wasn’t easy finding sensory and unique baby items through online sites and unfortunately didn’t have human customer support to clarify details while trying to buy a product.  That’s when the idea of KidzBuy was BORN! Knowing how tough it was to find a variety of books and toys, I thought of creating such a space for buyers, providing recommendations and clarifying details that would be helpful for buyers in confidently selecting a product for their kids. Thus, being able to give that human touch added to being a mother myself, realising this experience wasn’t possible while shopping through any giant online sites.

 2. What do you consider to be your greatest strength? 

  • Firstly, I strive to be a purposeful human, spread love and light as much as possible.
  • In my venture, having a clear vision and determination on helping fellow parents or any  buyer find the best of kids’ educational resources in one place, and being genuinely understanding and supportive to my customers’ needs.
  • Next, having a strong belief and confidence in myself that I can do this, and have /can attain the required management and technical skills that can help me in reaching clients who look for these products, and to be able to service them well.
  • Being dynamic, disciplined, knowledgeable and working consistently to improve our services, and maintain high standards of our products. Also having shifted to UAE mid 2019 yet being able to continue work remotely, pursuing my venture without any hurdle.

      All these I would consider as some of my key strengths.

3. How do you balance work and family as a mom? Can you share a few tips with us? 

Definitely, very challenging to balance family and work life being a homepreneur as a one-woman workforce at work and mom of a very active, strong willed kid to be taken care of. But positively by working from home, I find time to be and grow with my kid and also get chances to refresh the child in me.

And like every mom in a nuclear family, somehow try to squeeze ‘ME time’ into my schedule. I love documenting photos of my kid, and doing Blogs/Vlogs about his activities, milestones and our travels. Regular eve breeze walks, and park time with kids add to some quality family time. 

I spend dedicated time finding new kid’s resources online, analyzing, comparing, sorting out the best ones based on content and educational value, checking prices, finding direct dealers/importers/manufacturers and deciding if I’ll be able to make them available to my members at the best price.  

My husband, Nirmal Kumar initially chipped in by taking care of my kid in break as he worked from home, so I can dedicate some business time, and my brother Arun guided me on important business-related decision making and doubles up as a critic. Hence, I am able to take care of my family and business sans any compromise.

Plus, I’m active with friends, family, and mommy groups online, so I try to get everything Balanced, and ultimately feel relaxed, peaceful, and grateful at the end of the day, and gain a fresh happy energy to start every next day.

Most importantly, in this online business, it requires being 24*7 online to respond to product inquiries/queries/product recommendations. I make sure to attend to everyone’s query before I call it a day. I constantly remind myself to keep this balance, hence growing gradually and at a consistent pace without losing my sanity, I believe.

Thus, there are many times I need to fight a better mom or an entrepreneur war within myself. And I’m only happy when no one wins, and I always keep a balance.

4. What are some best parenting advice you would like to give other working moms?

From my learning, I would suggest working parents firstly to keep their cool, and not compare their kids to another. Every child is unique and hence what works for one, doesn’t work for another. For early education, you can try planning to introduce various learning aids, allowing kids to explore and be at their own pace in experimenting and learning things.

Allow kids to be bored at times too, as this will foster creativity and allow both to analyze their real interests, and this is very important. Be patient and understanding to them. Please remember you are their first hero and role model, and they watch everything you do!

Next, from a mom’s point would be something I’m sure every mompreneur / working mom will go through… it’s MOMMY GUILT. It’s ok to have Mommy Guilt, but do think positively about it, and feel happy for what best you are able to offer to your family with available time, and most importantly to yourself. Only when you are happy, can you keep your surrounding people happy right?

5. When you became a mother, what were the challenges you had to face and how did you grow your business with your child? Can you also share your learning in this journey?

Being a mom is a blessing, and parenting is a challenging, yet exciting journey as well. Being in a nuclear family, I had the support of my husband who fortunately worked from home at that time, and we took extra hands for house chores. This allowed me to take care of and spend time with my kid, plus also start and run my small business from home. As a parent we keep learning, & keep doing it, trying to justify our role every day.

Having said that, being a mom and homepreneur, I run this self-funded business, with limitations of time and resources. Without using any paid services for promoting this business till date, I manually post in different online shopping forums and mommy groups to let people identify our business and services. Hence gradually have widened my customer base to over 1000 customers from India and different parts of the world. We have documented over 650+ Happy Customer feedback till date and counting. You can check them under tag #booksforkidsindia_diaries in our Instagram handle Booksforkidsindia KIDZBUY, or in the Feedback Album of our Facebook group.

Another important thing is to realize we moms have other faces apart from being a mother. As many of us tend to gradually forget who we used to be before we were a mother, right? We are so much more than just a parent, and motherhood alone cannot define one. Hence reconnecting and exploring our own self, being curious, and trying to follow your dream and passion, will definitely let you experience real happiness, and also would allow self-actualization…most importantly would keep us SANE after all! Being a ‘perfect’ parent needn’t be a target, as there is none. 

Sharing a few important things, I’ve learned through the journey:

🏵️Be happy and grateful for all the Blessings, trust in the Almighty

🏵️Focus on what’s in your control

🏵️Be kind, gentle and compassionate to yourself

🏵️Refocus on the present

🏵️Spend time to Connect with yourself

🏵️Meditate and Visualize to manifest!

🏵️Be creative & engage in activities that give you joy and meaning

🏵️Understand and limit your worry triggers

🏵️Practise helping people in need, who can’t return your favors

🏵️Communicate your thoughts, and be around positive people

🏵️Acknowledge your small successes

🏵️Be open to learning something new that pleases you

6. Would you like to tell us about your business? What are your products / services etc?

KidzBuy is an online store in India that sells a wide range of kids’ books, toys, and kids essentials through social platforms, and its own E-commerce website launched in 2019. Also, list for selling its products on other E-commerce sites offered for NRI customers looking to buy its products.  A solopreneur run business which was founded in November 2017, and ships products Worldwide! Recognised by WhatsApp & YourStory as one of the Impactful small business stories in India 2019. Featured as a guest in Vaigai TV ‘Pen Poove’ LIVE programme 2021 which interviews and showcases women achievers across the globe. Shortlisted as one among 22 Women Entrepreneurs across India under the Category- COVID IMPACT for ‘The Digital Women Awards 2020’ conducted by SheThePeople presented by Google and empowered by Colors. In 2021, our Website listed and featured among Boss Mom brands by I Boss Mom, India’s first and definitive media & resources platform that aims to empower Working and Aspiring-To-Work Moms.

We sell Indian and Imported books, Educational toys, Activity kits, Homeschooling resources, Magnetic puzzles, 4D+ flashcards, Handmade Felt busy books, Personalized books, Wooden Montessori toys and materials, Eco-friendly products, Imported sensory Cloth books, and other kids’ essentials. 

Recommend kid’s products and share ideas for DIY projects, Travel logs and Tutorials through Website blogs, and other social media platforms like Pinterest and Twitter. Maintain strong customer relationships, and have gained loyal patrons through good customer support, who trust our products and services. Share positive and inspirational posts in social media groups, and inspire women and moms to follow their dreams, and work consistently with passion and perseverance. Ultimately, we believe in building a community with strong positive relationships.

For any queries or orders, you can connect with me directly on WhatsApp


Amala’s story and work journey show her passion and inspiration. She begins her journey because of her personal experience. She faced a lot of difficulties in finding books and toys for her kid. So, she has started KidzBuy to help out other women.

Her journey inspires other mommies to give shape to their ideas and imaginations. So, they not only achieve success in work and create their unique identity, but they also help other mommies and make their life a little easier.

So, it is time to get inspired by Amala and begin your journey today towards your dream.


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